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Rescuing Orc

  • Code, Sound and Graphics: Juan J. Martinez
  • Loading Screen: Vanja Utne
  • Game testing and help: Antxiko, José María Velo, Fran Loscos, Rob Caporetto, Ant Stiller, Graham Axten and Roy Fielding
  • Cover art: Ralph Niese
  • Packaging and manual design: Sebastian Bach (
  • Manual text: Juan J. Martinez

This is a game targeting the Commodore 64/128, both PAL and NTSC.


How far would you go to help a friend?

When your best friend Orc (an orc, coincidentally) didn't show up for tea after a couple of weeks, it was pretty clear something had happened to him.

Armed with your trusty sword, enter the dangerous World of Magica where things are not always what they seem, including you: a goblin with good character!

This is a mission to find what happened to your friend, starting deep in the Black Forest and exploring 5 different areas, from the perilous Rocky Mountains to the dark corridors of Bluestone Keep.

You can watch a short teaser video of the game.

To load the game from diskette type: LOAD„*“,8,1

And press RETURN. The game will load and run automatically.

The game can be controlled with the keyboard or a joystick on port #2.

Menu screen:

1               music on/off
Joystick fire   start game with joystick
Space           start game with keyboard

In game controls:

**Joystick   Keyboard    Result**
up         q           jump
left       o           move left
right      p           move right
down       a           action
fire       space       slash / dismiss text

Press 1 to pause/resume the game and STOP to exit.

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