• Code, Sound and Graphics: Juan J. Martinez
  • Loading Screen: Vanja Utne
  • Game testing and help: José María Velo, Juanje and Fran Loscos
  • Cover art: Ralph Niese
  • Packaging and manual design: Sebastian Bach (
  • Manual text: Juan J. Martinez
  • Help: André Lahmann, Jan Schulze

This is a game targeting the Amstrad CPC 464 (or later, although it only requires 64K of RAM).


Magica is an arcade game.

You play the Sorceress in a mission to recover all the potions stolen from her laboratory. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does happen, it is really annoying!

You have 50 seconds to get rid of all the enemies on each stage, collect all the potions and reach to the exit door.

In order to dispose of the enemies you have to kick them when they're stunned, otherwise they will kill you.

You can stun them by using your magic or by hitting them with other enemies, so you can use chain effects to help you in your task.

Once an enemy has been killed, a potion will be available to collect. Get all the potions and a door will open to exit the stage.

Stunning and kicking enemies, collecting potions and extra time, and exiting through the door will increase your score.

Every 10,000 points you'll get an extra life (and you'll need it!).

There are 50 stages in total.

The game can be controlled with the keyboard or a joystick.

The default keys are: cursor to move and jump, space to fire.

Press »h« to pause/resume the game. Press ESC to skip the intro and to end the game.

There are different types of monsters that show different types of behaviour and abilities.

  • Jester: Jumping and joking around, this is the less dangerous enemy you'll find. Be careful if they come in groups.
  • Knight: They will use their shield to dispel your magic, so a frontal attack won't have any effect on them. Other enemies may hide behind them, and you don't want them to team up with other foes!
  • Wizard: He will use his magic to try to kill you. Keep yourself out of range all the times.
  • Witch: Using a flying broom, this enemy will reach places other enemies can't. Keep an eye on them, they always attack from above.
  • Goblin: Like the Wizard, the Goblin is capable of casting spells, but is also very agile and fast in his jumps.
  • Demon: The demons are the most aggressive enemy and they will go after you if they think that they can get you.
  • Ghost: They're able to fly through walls, so be careful when you feel safe, they can appear behind you.
  • Fairy: Not really an enemy, although they will kill you if they can. Nobody really understands why they're here because they won't drop a potion but extra time instead. This is the only type of enemy that you don't have to kill in order to clear the stage.
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